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COMMERCIAL LAW  is a special private law for business people (numerous regulations can be found in the German Commercial Code (HGB)) and can significantly affect the legal relationships of merchants. For instance, it includes special regulations for the continued existence of a company, prohibitions on competition or registration obligations for the Commercial Register. As the commercial law for business people also includes detrimental regulations, as a business person, you must always have all the details in sight in order to be able to position your commercial business on the economic market in the best possible way.

COMPANY LAW governs the establishment, external relations and internal organisation of all forms of companies. Depending on the respective form, when a company is established numerous regulations on raising capital and formalities must be observed.

Our attorneys will advise you extensively in the area of commercial and company law, from the establishment phase through to your successful participation in business life. We will also act as your reliable partner at your side in the assertion or defence of claims.