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Work relationships are particularly prone to conflict both for the employee as well as for the employer. Our attorneys will advise you competently in INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE LABOUR LAW. We will represent your interests both out-of-court as well as in court.
As an employer, you have to make decisions every day, which will be difficult without a thorough knowledge of labour law. We will advise you in the conclusion of water-tight employment contracts or cancellation agreements. With regards to collective bargaining law, the works constitution law or severance claims, we will stand by you as a reliable contact partner and offer comprehensive advice all from under one roof.
Are you an employee and has your employment contract been terminated? When it comes to dismissals, quick and strategically well-considered action is required. If you do not take action against unfair dismissal within three weeks, it can have far-reaching consequences. Law firm Jansen & Jansen Rechtsanwälte in Cologne will assist you in the unfair dismissal proceedings with a high level of assertiveness. We will also be pleased to advise you on other labour law issues such as leave, salary, employee testimonials or how to deal with a warning received under labour law.